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Our Objectives

1. To develop a National System of Education which would help to build a generation of youngmen and women that is committed to Hindutva and infused with patriotic fervor,

2. fully developed physically, vitally, mentally and spiritually

3. capable of successfully facing challenges of day to day life-situations.

4. dedicated to the service of our those brothers and sisters who live in villages, forests, caves and slums and are deprived and destitute, so that they are liberated from the shackles of social evils and injustice, and

5. thus devoted, may contribute to building up a harmonious, prosperous and culturally rich Nation.

Philosophical thoughts

The ultimate reality of this universe is God by whatever other names it may be called. God is eternal, omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. God cannot be seen but can very well be realized. We should have faith in the greatness of God and seek his grace.

Nature is bountiful and benevolent. Man has to be respectful and grateful to nature. There is a balance of various elements in the environment of nature. It is in the interest of man to utilize the natural resources in such a way that this balance is not significantly disturbed.

Man is not body alone. Apart from the physical levels, man has four other levels of existence known as Koshas. In modern terminology, they may be called five systems namely the body system, the energy system, the desire system, the thought system and the self system. It is the primary duty of man that he sincerely tries towards optimum and balanced development of all his five systems or koshas. Man should exercise moderation in daily life and should exercise control on his five organs of knowledge and five organs of action through the practice of Yoga. This will also ensure control on mind and sharpening of intellect resulting in optimum and balanced development of all aspects of his personality. Performance of one's socially prescribed duties without pride or prejudice; attachment or revulsion but with intelligence and dedication is the highest Dharma of an individual. What these duties are is to be determined by the state, the society and the individual himself. The divinity in man must be accepted and respected by the State and the society and they should ensure his autonomy in personal matters subject to the performance of socially prescribed duties by him.


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