Shishu Bharti Shiv Mandir Vidyalaya , which nurtures the little buddy flower with love and joy. The school has its own ethos and momentum , different from a simple day boarding school. The curriculum is designed with interactive and individualistic approach to instil positive and healthy environment.

Affiliated to Vidya Bharti, All India National Education Organisation that runs around 27258 schools throughout the country . Shishu Bharti , Jhilmil is indeed a unique school with a DIFFERENCE ........

Our Little Flowers

Little Buds Enjoying The Activities

Our Vision

Our approach is imparting, effective educational programme to the kids who are governed and administered by well-trained experienced teachers devoted to develop self confidence among students.

Little kids learn through activities and experiments with a balanced curriculum , efficiency , dedication , love and care

For Our Students

We not just teach here at Shishu Bharti Shiv Mandir Vidyalaya , we make the child understand our nation's culture for transforming him into a better person and a better future for Nation.

' Principal's Message '

" My hope of the future lies in the youths of character , intelligent , renouncing all for the service of others , and obedient - good to themselves and the country at large " - SWAMI VIVEKANAND

The pre-school years for a child are the most crucial , where they have to accept the transition of getting out of their home comfort & entering a totally new environment . The comfort with knowledge is given at Shishu Bharti Shiv Mandir Vidyalaya where education is not only about learning but gaining experience in life .



Why not try Shishu Bharti Shiv Mandir Vidyalaya , Today You won't regret your choice !