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THE GREATEST EXAM OF ALL IS CALLED LIFE. Knowledge alone today cannot bring your child success. To invent something new, one needs persistence and courage besides skills. To start a new venture, one needs to have leadership, communication skills and decision - making abilities, besides capital. And to live a happy and fulfilling life, one needs emotional strength to stay positive during trying times. Lifemakers, as the name suggests, aims to transform the lives of children. We prepare them for the real world, to value relationships in life, to see themselves as the torchbearers who raise humanity through inspiring projects and workshops like 'Being Courageous'.‘Raise the Nation', 'I Care' and 'I am Unstoppable'. Children of S.B.S.M are experiencing a world like no other through such programmes. They become aware of their emotions, their responsibilities, their role as a human being, their aspirations and are evolving as well-balanced individuals.The language class targets not just to teach correct grammar and sentence structure, but also aims to unleash the creativity in children. The idea is to open their minds first and then help them build on it. With this kind of freedom and encouragement from their teachers, students who couldn't think beyond two lines today express their thoughts in four pages! The mantra of teachers at S.B.S.M is this: "we are not here to provide answers but to encourage children to ask questions and seek answers themselves."